After a childhood full of cultural experiences and artistic experimentation, Kate turned to retail and eventually opened her own store, Harriet’s General. There, she curated a unique collection of American Vintage indicative of her love for the West. During her days behind the counter, she would return to her knack  for handiwork and attempt to appease her creative mind. In doing so, she  developed her own label, Ever Onward, which she named after her grandmother, Harriet, who encouraged her by saying "bosoms up, shoulders back, Ever Onward."

In pursuit of a life not bound to a 9-5, Kate closed the boutique and the label evolved into a lifestyle, one that didn't thwart her free-spirited nature and encouraged her ingenuity. Ever Onward is about adding value to what we love, clothes that have a story to tell. A story of our American heritage, of who we are, and of our times when it is vital that we are environmentally conscious and find ways to reuse what we have.

Kate hunts for a pre-loved flannel, distresses, cleans, then distresses some more. Sometimes dye is involved, but all of the time colors are being transformed.Finally, she embellishes with embroidery or, perhaps a patch or two. No two flannels are the same, nor should they be. Her denim line includes shirts, jackets, skirts, shorts and pants, all recycled and embellished. As always, she has future plans, which include adding kimonos made from pre-loved Hawaiian shirts and a classic sweatshirt and t-shirt line.